2013 Season

Newsletter autumn 2013
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Update on prospective 2014 committee

Our recent newsletter item explained that Mike, Fiona, Jacqui and Tony were all planning to retire from the Eacdg committee, and invited interested members to contact us to discuss taking on club roles. I'm very glad to say that some capable people have expressed interest in getting involved and replacing the retiring committee members:

Lyn Price - chairman role, Liz Harcombe - secretary role, Rachel Horton - treasurer role, Lorna Ingram - committee.

Of course it's up to you, the club members, to choose who represents you, and we invite expressions of interest from any other members who may consider committee or officer work.

The retiring committee members would like to help prospective new officers take over smoothly and be involved in planning the 2014 programme which needs planning from now. We propose to get together briefly with prospective new and any available current committee members at the Eacdg club championships event.

So, please contact Mike by Sept 20th if you are interested (and not already named above!).

Eacdg Rule changes 2013

The FEI and BC have introduced some significant rule changes for 2013 - please read below how we are adopting these.
We will detail these more in the events competitors' letters - the interpretation and understanding may evolve during the season!

The walk - Section D - has gone!

The walk, Section D, has been replaced by a Transfer section of 800-1000m.
The Transfer is any pace, meaning you can walk, or trot or canter etc. In practice we'll give you enough time to walk this section so your horses can arrive at the 10 minute halt a little more relaxed.
Although this section still has a Time Allowed, nobody should fail to make that - it will allow a normal walk and you can always trot, so we probably won't score it (but reserve the right to, for anyone who's late at the halt).

Standing presentation has gone

Up until now pre-novices and novices have had a standing presentation judged and scored 45-30 minutes before dressage - and sometimes felt stressed by this.
For 2013, novices and prenovices will have a safety check before dressage (not scored) and will have presentation judged on the move during the dressage test like the Open classes. The safety check is to ensure we don't completely lose that safety aspect of the presentation. Of course we can't guarantee to catch everything or "make you safe", that remains the driver's responsibility, this is just an extra pair of eyes.

You can enter more than once

Subject to timetabling, you can enter more than one turnout in the event. Up until now we have accepted multiple entries but made the second entry h/c - outside the competition.
Note that we will follow the FEI/BC rules on this, in that the scheduler will randomly allocate which of your entries goes first. This is to discourage canny competitors from getting advantage by checking out the course with a stalking horse before their best horse.

2012 Season

We've been lucky with the weather compared with many areas and all our events have run, with mostly very pleasant weather. We're lucky to have some well drained venues, and East Anglia is traditionally drier and milder than most regions.


Once again we missed [nearly all] the showers and the going was excellent. An interesting cones course and a particularly pleasant choice of marathon route for the club competition


Lucky with the weather - after a windy start blowing the cones away as we set up on Friday, the weekend was breezy but dry and with some sun - a good entry and all ran smoothly.

Early season..

We've got a strong programme of events this year and new committee members to help us do more.

We've had two excellent events to start the 2012 season, a one day and a two day at Ashfields with excellent entries - thanks to all who helped and took part.

For our first 2012 one day, Monday 9th April, Ashfields, we had to close entries at just over 60 - our record for a one day - and despite some rain the ground held up well and everyone seemed to have fun.

The two day event April 21-22 at Ashfields had just over 70 entries - the weather was a concern but was mostly dry, even seeing some sun, during the competition and again the ground held up well for a terrific event.

The Eacdg 2012 yearbook is posted out to you when you rejoin - or handed to you when we meet to save the club (=you) postage - so please, rejoin now!

The event dates are on the events page with the schedules and online entries to come shortly - please put in your diaries.

Juniors - safety

For 2012 we have updated our rules:
Junior drivers and grooms under 18 must wear hard hats in training and all phases of the competitions and must wear a body protector on all phases of the marathon.

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2011 Season

The Eacdg 2011 yearbook is now available online here and we post it out to you when you rejoin - so please, rejoin now!

The event schedules are on the events page and you can enter the events there... please come!

Elveden 9-10th April

The one day training on 9th April was well attended, followed by our biggest entry for a one day event on April 10th, 47 entries, with drivers enjoying a competition in the spring sunshine.

Indoor finals, April 2011

Congratulations to the all drivers from our region who competed at the Indoor Driving Championships 2011, including
Extra Young Juniors Champion Grace Smith, Intermediate Pony Champion Charlotte Snow, Horse Pairs Champion Chris Smith,
reserve champions Rosemary Neale, Danielle Twitchen, Chris Patrick, Amanda Valderas, with many other East Anglian drivers close behind.

2010 Season

Please come to your AGM, Sat Nov 20th, evening, with meal, at Ashfields
This is a social get together as well as a time to plan for next season and to receive awards and trophies.
6pm for 6:30pm AGM, meal around 7pm. Please let Zoe know you are coming.

Free to all members, helpers and people associated with the club.
The Eacdg 2010 yearbook is now available online here and we post it out to you when you rejoin - so please, rejoin now!

2009 Season

New rules for 2009

The Eacdg follows the BC rules, which in turn follow the FEI. These rules have been extensively rewritten for 2009, though the rewrite is mainly to make the rules easier to read, with few real changes.

Changes which may affect club drivers include:
  • You no longer have to carry a whip in the marathon. Nonetheless, the Eacdg strongly encourages you to do so as it is an essential aid.
  • You get penalty points if you are not ready to start on time for Section A: 0.2 points per second
  • You have gone through an obstacle gate when the whole turnout passes through the gate (it used to be just the rear axle)
  • The penalties for being too fast in Section A or E are now the same as those for being too slow - 0.2 per second (it used to be 0.1 for being too fast).
  • The use of a 'yellow card' for warnings is formalised

Eacdg AGM 2008

You are invited to the EACDG's Annual General Meeting is on Sunday, 23 November, at Ashfields Clubhouse at 11 am.

Although only driving members can vote, all our members and volunteers - everyone who has helped us at events - are invited to attend the meeting. Our plans for 2009 will be announced and club trophies will be presented after the meeting. It's a chance for you to put your views, ask questions and to find out more about the club and its plans, as well as to see friends.

And to lunch...
Members and all volunteers are invited to join us for a free lunch after the AGM: do come! Vegetarians will be catered for, too. If you wish to join us for the meal, it will be served at about 1pm. We need to know how many to cater for so please call Zoe Morgan 07770 944 868 to confirm your name is on the list of those attending. Thank you. Eacdg Sandringham Two day event 28-29 June we had good weather and an enjoyable event. Results here.

Social event of the season? Ashfields Spring Ball - Saturday 19th April 2008

In aid of the Little Haven Children's Hospice

Ashfields Spring Ball 19th April 2008 7pm-2am. Black tie. Champagne reception, dinner, live entertainment. £60 per person.

Click here for details and form.

If you're coming to the 19/20th April event and don't fancy a ball, don't worry; the clubhouse will be open as normal, and we're trying to keep the marquee separated from the horsebox park to keep any noise down.

Volunteers' lunch

Sunday 23rd March 2008 Ashfields This lunch is to say thank you to everyone who's helped us at events in the past and also to encourage newcomers to join the squad of friends and helpers. We couldn't hold driving trials without volunteers! Free for helpers, past, present and future, and also for drivers who bring helpers to the lunch. Please bring your friends, family and neighbours who are interested in helping us this season.
There will be a short talk about horse driving trials and our season's events, the chance to ask questions and to find friends old and new.

More details on this and training days, see Early-bird entry forms


These were kindly awarded by Wilf Bowman-Ripley.

The winners were:
Katie Bell won Advanced on 28 points
Sarah Woodward Intermediate on 29 points
Harriet Bradford Novice on 26 points

The Spring & Summer Events at Ashfields were qualifiers. At each event young drivers competed in their categories, within the main event. Points were awarded for each individual phase. i.e. Dressage, Cones and Marathon.
For example:- 10 points for the first place, 9 points for the second place, 8 points for the third, etc., down the line, up to sixth place.
The points from the Spring & Summer event were added up at the end of the summer event. The winners of each category received the scholarship as follows:
Novices: £150
Intermediate: £350
Advanced: £500


AGM - Ashfields Carriage and Polo Centre, 11:30am Sunday Nov 25th

EXTRA EVENT - Sunday October 7th, Blandings, one day fun event

September 2007 newsletter

Summer 2007 newsletter

Sandringham 29th June - 1 July 2007 - many Eacdg members competed in the national or parallel club event. Danielle Twitchen won the National pony tandem class, first in all three phases, David Taylor won the marathon section of the National horse tandem and Alma Webb successfully completed her first National, in pony pairs.

Danielle Twitchen, Dan grooming, Sandringham National 2007

Added 7th May 2007 - Second Spring 2007 newsletter

For latest updates see our Spring 2007 newsletter and the on-line forum.

Blandings one day event 8th April had great weather...results pictures

New look website launched February 2007, with new on-line forum for exchanging news and views, announcements and items for sale and wanted.

Many Eacdg members did well in the indoor driving finals on 31 March-1st April 2007 at Keysoe, with Alan Clarke, below, winning the teams class.

Alan Clarke wins teams at IHDT finals Keysoe April 1 2007

more pictures, results and info.

Minutes of AGM, November 2006