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New to this?

If you're new to our club, come along to a training day or event and meet some of our friendly members. You can see what happens and decide if you want to get involved.

If you are already a driver

If you have driven at another club you're welcome to EACDG, you can compete without being a member as long as you are fully insured.

If you're new to driving trials, drivers of age 10 years and over are welcome to train or compete. You do need to drive to a certain standard to ensure the safety of your turn out. There is a basic safety assessment that can be carried out easily, (just ask one of the committee for more details). We hold training camps, training and several events each year. If you want to start by doing just dressage and cones, this attracts a reduced entry fee. No pony is too small or horse too big to join in!

If you are interested or a supporter

At EACDG we love spectators, it's a fun, elegant , exciting sport and great to watch. The events are held in beautiful grounds and many club members will be happy to let you meet their horses, (once they're on a break). If you'd like to get involved and help with our stewarding we will provide lunch and refreshments, and free camping if you like to stay - have a chat to Georgette Brown who can tell you more, (see the committee page for more contacts).

We'd love to see you soon and are sure you'll have a great time!